The Kindness Club – Inspiration

by Melinda

I was on Twitter participating in a chat about engagement when I starting talking with Melvina from Hawaii. She started sharing photos of her students doing beautiful service projects, including an amazing student-produced video. When she mentioned her Kindness Club, I was inspired.  That was it!  Kindness Club. That was what I’ve been needing to pull all of my service projects together, the larger organization for them. So, I asked Melvina if she’d like a sister school in Albuquerque. She was excited about the possibilities for collaboration to spread love and kindness in the world, together.

From that moment, I was inspired to create an online community where students, teachers, schools, parents, anyone can come and join forces with the same mission:  spreading positivity in the world, everyday!

With the creation of this website and The Kindness Club:  Mission #1: Make MAGIC, we are on our way to connecting schools around the globe!

I am committed to providing the best resources I can to make the implementation of these missions and projects simple and fun! They are not something “extra” that will take time and energy. They are something awesome that will add energy and time because your students will engage like never before! Try it out!  It can’t hurt, right?

I guarantee you will have fun and get to know your students in a completely differently way. You will change lives in more ways than you will ever know.

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