March 12, 2017

Kindness Ambassador – StartUP

Take the Kindness Club International Alliance pledge to become a Kindness Ambassador Team member (KAT).  Through KCIA, you will have new possibilities to learn new communication and leadership skills that will help you be a change-maker in your school and community. 

As a Kindness Ambassador, you will learn new tools you can use to spread kindness and connect with others in a new way.  You will learn how to conduct surveys and evaluate the results to find needs for change in your schools.  You will learn how to develop projects to address the issues you are most passionate about to inspire change.

You can help our schools become places where students and teachers are inspired and energized.

to be a Kindness Ambassador with
Kindness Club International Alliance
Get your first smiles to started spreading kindness!

Kindness Ambassadors have a powerful call to action:

  1. CREATE possibilities for others to express themselves and connect with one another
  2. ENGAGE new conversations of gratitude, dreams, hopes, and empathy.
  3. INSPIRE change through kindness
  4. BUILD a stronger community so everyone thrives.

When you join our KAT, you are stepping into a world where your teammates are driven to create change, just like you! You will find friends who inspire you and you will inspire them! Get ready for an adventure!

Get ready to be in the Kindness Ambassador business with your own Kindness Trading Cards!


Promote kindness wherever you go with your own Kindness Ambassador t-shirt!
Give people a reason to start a conversation with you!
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***Bonus: the shirts are interactive!
The Kindness Tree is designed to be personalized, so paint away!!!  : )


SIGN up for our Global event for November 2017.
SPROUT 100! Gratitude Tree CHALLENGE
CLICK HERE for your project guide.

Van Buren MS – Albuquerque, NM

GET Training for the Sprout 100! 
November 27th WEBINAR CHALLENGE Introduction
7 PM Mountain Time
30 minutes + 15 Q&A

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Sign up early so your questions can be answered during the webinar!


Why be a Kindness Ambassador? 

Kindness is like the sun. It radiates warmth. It glows. It helps things grow.
The more kindness you spread, the more you generate.
A kind mindset inspires change in the world, in others, and in oneself.
When everyone finds their SUPERPOWERS to spread kindness,
the world will be a better place.
Be a Kindness Ambassador because the world needs
more of us to keep kindness GOing & GROWing!

-Melinda Forward
Founder/CEO Kindness Club International Alliance