March 12, 2017


Challange: Take just 10 minutes to see what a difference gratitude makes?
This is SO simple! It just takes a few moments of your time to make a real impact on someone’s world.

Three steps to participate in the challenge:

  1. Get your Project Guide: Get started – CLICK HERE.
  2. Write thank you notes this Thursday, to anyone, explaining why you are thankful.
  3. After #Thankful Thursday: Share your totals:  REPORT TOTALS 

Curious to see how much gratitude can be shared this #ThankfulThursday?
Schools around the world, people around the world are working to make Gratitude GO GLOBAL. You can be a part of that growing network, starting today. 

For more of the story, watch Melinda’s TED talk from the April 1, 2017 TEDxABQ Education Event.

WATCH NOW: Revolution through 1,000 Thank Yous