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1,000 Thank Yous challenge!

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Engage and empower students with simple, yet powerful literacy projects.
Boost social, emotional and academic achievement.
Reduce discipline issues. Raise retention rates.

Melinda Forward, NBCT

Founder, Director, Curriculum Developer
Using simple lessons to teach schools how to take literacy-based challenges and build interactive art installations, Melinda is inspiring change in schools around the world.

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Go to Take the 1,000 Thank Yous Challenge!

Take the 1,000 Thank Yous Challenge!

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Report your totals! Share your stories!

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Just how global will gratitude go?

Go to Sprout 100! Gratitude Tree CHallenge

Sprout 100! Gratitude Tree CHallenge

GET your Project Guide to get tools, tips, and tricks to sprout and grow a Gratitude Tree interactive wall sculpture. Celebrate people for
spreading kindness!

Go to Kindness Champion Challenge

Kindness Champion Challenge

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50 Acts of kindness
for 50 days

“A singe act of kindness throws out roots in all directions…” -Amelia Earhart

Revolution through 1,000 Thank Yous
Melinda Forward | TEDxABQ Education 2017

Kindness Club Connection

Empower transformation with new communication skills and tools so students can be leaders of school-culture building.
Design Schools Driven by Student Voice & Kindness
  • POSSIBILITIES for students to interact with one another in new ways.

  • NEW CONVERSATIONS about kindness, compassion, and gratitude.

  • CHANGE through simple Culture-Builder Service Projects

  • RELATIONSHIPS strengthened by common values, goals and actions.

put you in the business of spreading kindness everywhere you go.

Go to Gratitude Tree Tee

Gratitude Tree Tee

Create a wearable work of art! Get your t-shirt to hand-paint to celebrate all you are grateful for in your life. Wear your shirt so you can start new conversations about gratitude and kindness.

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Kindness is a simple, yet powerful tool for change in schools!