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Spiral Challenge.

Mission: transform school culture

Create radical change in our schools with simple, yet powerful culture-building projects.
Boost social, emotional and academic achievement.
Reduce discipline issues.
Lower the dropout rate.
Go to Kindness Club Inviations

Kindness Club Inviations

Pass these flyers out at registration to engage parents/community members & students before school even starts!

Connect your community.
How can people get involved?

Kindness Trading Card Club

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Go to Thankful Thursday Challenge

Thankful Thursday Challenge

This Thursday:
WRITE thank yous notes.

“Thankfulness creates gratitude which generates contenement that causes peace.”
-Todd Stocker

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Listen to Melinda's radical idea about gratitude in her
TEDXABQ Education Talk

Kindness Club Connection

Empower students with new communication skills and tools to be leaders of school-culture building.
Connect students with a common purpose: building a more positive school environment.
Build a school environment where students are running to, not from your school.
Stop the dropouts!
Build Schools Driven by Student Voice & Kindness
  • OPPORTUNITIES. Sign up for the May Celebration.

  • NEW CONVERSATIONS about kindness, compassion, and gratitude.

  • RELATIONSHIPS through simple Culture-Builder Service Projects

  • COMMUNITY connected by common values, goals and actions.

Kindness Club International TEAM

Uniting schools around the world with the same purpose:
Boost Social, Emotional, and Academic Achievement
Build Schools that are Connected, Healthy, and Inspired
Retain Students and Teachers

Melinda Forward

Kindness Club Project Founder & CEO
Program Director
Curriculum Developer
Activist for Student Voice
Are you struggling with negativity or engagement? Melinda has tools that might help your school. Her focus is student and teacher retention.

Thomas Sena

Kindness Club Project
Co-Founder & CFO
Media Specialist
Outreach Manager
Program Developer
Public Relations Director
With a background in journalism & media, Thomas teaches students vital communication skills. He helps students find their media voice to spread their messages to the greater community.

Michelle Soto

Senior Ambassador

Alyssa Martinez

Senior Ambassador

What do students say?

Kindness is a simple, yet powerful tool for change in schools!

What does Alyssa have to say about gratitude?