July 17, 2017


Would you like to help?  You can help us by making a simple donation.  All funds will be used to develop new programs and tools to empower youth to make our world a better place with kindness.

We are currently planning our  Kindness Club Kickoff  empowering teams of students to start a Kindness Club at their school and sprout a Gratitude Tree. This team will learn advocacy skills key to creating a safe school that is connected, healthy, and inspired. Teams will address issues including bullying, stress, anxiety, unhealthy relationships, and self-harm.

Every donation helps us empower students to make a true difference in their school community.

Donate  $25  One student gains essential Kindness Ambassador communication skills

Donate  $50  One Kindness Club receives 1,000 Kindness Trading Cards

Donate  $100  Four students gain essential Kindness Ambassador communication skills

Donate  $200  A school receives a Kindness Club Mural

Donate   $2,000   30 Kindness Ambassadors receive Leadership Training

CLICK HERE to donate. Make your difference, today!