March 12, 2017


April 1st – Albuquerque, New Mexico
TEDxABQ Education Event: We’re Done Fooling Around. Let’s Talk Radical Change in Education.”

Melinda Forward shared her radical idea to use gratitude as a tool for change in schools.

“Gratitude is a radical remedy.” said Melinda about her 1,000 Thank Yous Challenge.

Watch Melinda’s TEDx Talk: Revolution through 1,000 thank Yous

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Read the Albuquerque Journal Feature Story.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Melinda Forward always knew she wanted to be a teacher.

Even before she got to kindergarten, she used to hold classes in her bedroom for her teddy bears.

That conviction has never faltered, but there have been times in her 27-year teaching career that she felt ready to quit. It was a simple thank-you note from a student that revived her love of the profession.

“That note made such a difference for me. I thought, ‘what if all students wrote thank-you notes’,” said Forward, who teaches French at Del Norte High School… Read more.

As featured on the local news:
Rebecca Atkins from KRQE Albuquerque highlights Melinda’s idea for sharing gratitude as a preview to her TED Talk at the TEDxABQ Education event.

Watch the news report: Click here.

Senior Student Ambassadors, Michelle Soto and Alyssa Martinez were also interviewed. Alyssa Martinez, says: “Positivity will prevail” supporting gratitude as a solution for negative school culture and climate.



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Alyssa Martinez, SSA, shares her experience with a 10 minute gratitude challenge in a short video:

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Watch the video: your can #PassYourGratitudeON and create radical change in  schools!

Watch the video here:
KRQE ABQ Report: Albuquerque Teacher invited to share creative ideas at TED Talk. 


We must make changes to the negative school climate that is driving students and teachers out of schools. Our dropout rate is at an  all-time high and “It’s not OK.” said Melinda in her TEDx talk. “Gratitude in a radical remedy.”, said Melinda.  It’s simple, yet powerful. That’s why Melinda shared her idea for change at TEDxABQ Education on April 1, 2017.

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