June 6, 2017


Why 1,000 Thank Yous?
Research shows that gratitude and happiness contribute to greater resilience, more power to deal with the challenges of life. Following are some videos are articles that support this campaign to connect people with gratitude.


  • Check out this Ted talk for more insight into the power of gratitude.

David Steindl- Rast: Want to be happy? Be grateful.


  • Check out this Ted talk for research about happiness. Yes, research about happiness! WATCH and see how your understanding of life can change in 12 minutes! You will never thing of unicorns the same way!

Shawn Anchor: The happy secret to better work


  • Neuroscientist Richard Davidson and clinical mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn discuss mindfulness training as a tool to develop greater resilience to stress.

VIDEO: Can Mindfulness Increase Our Resilience to Stress?

  • Education Weekly also published an article that discusses the power of resiliency. Addressing the realities of life and connecting with one another has a powerful impact on achievement.

Leaders Take Note: Resilience is Not Just for Kids

The following excerpt from the Education Weekly article poses some serious questions for thought: 

“Mindfulness is one route that is scientifically successful in developing the ability of people, children and adults, to work through their emotions. Our point is not to recommend this as the answer, but to raise the questions:

“Does our organization

  • reflect shared values that acknowledge the feelings of others
  • have methods or routines that encourage empathy and recovery
  • allow for the time and space needed for development and practice of resilience?”

We cannot allow schools to be places where the rush to the finish line negates life along the way. And, we cannot afford to make the mistake of thinking only some children or only some adults are stressed.  Demands on individual lives and families are and will continue to change daily. Schools must include changes in the way each member of the organization, children and adults, are treated and taught. Two things are certain in our lives and our systems: Change will continue and adversities will present themselves. We must lead in a manner that helps all to thrive in this environment. This calls for emotionally and spiritually healthy leaders who, themselves, are resilient and who can create and lead healthy, resilient educational systems.”

Our 1,000 Thank Yous Campaign is one that addresses these issues of stress as a positive, FREE solution for change.