YOUTH Gratitude Tree Tee + Painting Kit


Kids, put the coloring books aside! We have something better! Create a masterpiece of wearable art, by hand-painting your own Gratitude Tree Tee! We simplified our adult version to make the leaves bigger and easier to paint, and add bling!

Teach kids the importance of gratitude. It’s a skill that will last a lifetime! As they paint leaves, butterflies, flowers have them talk about the people, moments, and things they are thankful for. It’s not just an art activity, it’s a bonding experience!

Gratitude Tree Tee + Painting Kit make great gifts for kids! You get everything you need to hand-paint your own one-of-a-kind wearable masterpiece.

We can ship anywhere! Want to send a shirt as a gift? We can send it for you, wrapped in gift paper. : ) 

Having a party?  We give discounts on larger orders of shirts. 10 – 14 shirts save 10% with coupon code PARTY10. 15 or more, save 15% with coupon code PARTY15.

Original silk screened designs are inspired by our Gratitude Tree Installation, now in schools around the world.

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Paint your shirt, leaf by leaf, flower by flower, butterfly by butterfly. This  of people, moments, and things you are thankful for to practice gratitude, celebrating all you have.

Painting supplies included in kit: flat paint, glitter paint, brushes and BLING!


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